Understanding the Air Quality in Your Home

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Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home is a composition of outdoor air that is changed by daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and using your home’s heating, venting and cooling (HVAC) systems. Each of these activities, as well as the products you store in the household, can contribute to a variable level of pollutants. These pollutants can increase in concentration if your home is not properly ventilated.

Below is information to help you learn about indoor air, types of pollutants and how to improve the air quality in your home.

Learn more about Indoor Air Quality

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How to Improve Air Quality in your Home

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Helping you with Indoor Air Quality

We have successfully delivered or installed more than 38,000 air filtration systems in more than 10,500 homes, 60 schools and 160 businesses in neighborhoods near its Aliso Canyon storage facility since January 11, 2016. These systems focus on removing pollutants from the air in an enclosed environment.

Air Scrubber

SoCalGas installed AirScrubber Plus in-duct units along with Franklin activated charcoal filters in almost 10,000 homes. The air scrubber units with the activated carbon furnace filters should remove benzene and many other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Plug-in units

SoCalGas also delivered plug-in air filtration units. All of the plug-in units that SoCalGas procured for delivery to the affected residents of the Porter Ranch communities are certified by CARB and listed on CARB’s California Certified Air Cleaning devices website*. These filters contain activated charcoal which can remove benzene and many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including some amounts of certain sulfur compounds.

Airing Out Your Home and Cleaning for Dust

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Outdoor Air Quality Testing Continues

Since October 30, 2015, regulatory air quality and health agencies have independently analyzed more than 5,100 outdoor air samples in the Porter Ranch area. These experts consistently report that the data indicate the air quality in the community is at typical, pre-leak levels, similar to elsewhere in the Los Angeles basin.

Throughout the incident, air samples for tested compounds were found to be at, or near levels seen in the rest of the county, and below levels of concern. Furthermore, third party indoor air screening of more than 70 homes showed typical levels of methane, and did not detect mercaptans or other sulfur compounds associated with natural gas at any levels.

The once-leaking well has been confirmed sealed since February 18, 2016. The California Air Resources Board and the South Coast Air Quality Management District continue to provide near-real-time methane monitoring that is available here*.

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