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The Los Angeles County Superior Court provided a clear pathway and timeline for those residents who remained relocated on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Under the Court’s ruling, SoCalGas would provide and pay for professional interior home cleaning for eligible residents who accepted the service. Eligible residents had until Sunday, May 29 to accept the cleaning service, which would be done according to the Department of Public Health’s proposed protocol adopted in the court order. Relocated residents who declined cleaning or who did not submit a response should have exited the temporary relocation program by Tuesday, May 31

Eligible residents who chose to receive the interior home cleaning service were offered the option of declining any cleaning steps that could damage walls, carpet or upholstery. Upon the completion or cancellation of their home’s interior cleaning appointment, these residents had 2 days to exit the temporary relocation program and return home. Families who were bound by long term leases could stay in their rentals until the end of their SoCalGas agreed lease end date.

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